About CSI Wireless

CSI Wireless Inc. is a global leader in designing and manufacturing low-cost, high-quality wireless products, Global Positioning System (GPS) products, and combined wireless-GPS products for a variety of rapidly growing commercial and consumer markets.

CSI Wireless has about 135 employees at facilities in Calgary, Alberta; Milpitas, California; and Scottsdale, Arizona. Following the acquisition in 2000 of Wireless Link Corporation of Milpitas, CSI Wireless is aggressively pursuing the emerging high-growth markets in automotive, fleet management, asset-tracking, telematics, telemetry and other location-enabled, machine-to-machine communication devices.

CSI Wireless also continues to be a leader in supplying high-accuracy differential products to the GPS industry, including the precision agriculture and commercial marine markets. Through its Satloc subsidiary in Scottsdale, CSI Wireless is a respected global supplier of GPS precision guidance systems.

CSI Wireless is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol: CSY.

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