Our GPS Business Unit – A Snapshot

Our GPS unit, dating from 1990, is in Calgary, Alberta, and Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a world leader in designing and manufacturing competitively priced, high-quality GPS and Differential GPS (DGPS) products, which ensure more accurate navigation, improvements in productivity and safety, and savings in costs and time. Our GPS and DGPS products, sold in almost 50 countries worldwide, play critical roles in a variety of industries including:

Our Agricultural Guidance customers typically use our GPS products for aerial or land-based navigation. For example, a CSI product used with spraying equipment enables the operator to travel back and forth across his or her fields in very precise rows and to fertilize the fields as cost-efficiently as possible, with minimal overlap and wasted fertilizer.

Our Agricultural Guidance products can also be used to create yield-by-field location maps that tell farmers which parts of their fields are most productive, and which need more fertilizer or other additives to increase production. Combining the maps with our GPS products and with spraying equipment enables farmers to automatically vary their spraying from one part of a field to another, for a precise, customized approach that achieves maximum cost-efficiency.

Our Marine Guidance, and Harbour Management and Hydrographic Surveying customers typically use our GPS products for highly accurate navigation and positioning, and for determining a vessel’s precise speed and heading. For example, determining precise speeds enable fishing vessels to maintain trailing nets at desired depths.

Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping products are used for a variety of GIS, mapping and surveying applications.

Our Asset Tracking & Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery customers typically use our GPS products to monitor the movements of car rental and truck fleets, and other mobile equipment. For example, a trucking company can track the speed and direction of its vehicles to ensure they achieve cost-effective fuel consumption, and travel the most time-efficient routes. Another example: a car owner can use our GPS products to aid police in tracking his stolen vehicle.

Some of CSI Wireless' GPS Products

Agricultural Guidance

The Outback® S, Outback® 360, Outback® Hitch and new Outback® eDrive are guidance products for the agricultural industry that CSI developed under exclusive contract for RHS Inc., an OEM customer that markets them worldwide.

The Outback® S is a low-cost system that enables farmers to navigate back and forth across their fields in very precise rows, with minimal overlap, whether in straight lines or contours. The product is easy to install (requiring only 15 minutes) and operate.

The Outback® 360 is a companion product - a computerized visual aid system. It features a high-resolution colour display that effectively enables farmers to look down from the sky - monitoring the progress of their tractors and implements as they move across fields.

The Outback® Hitch is another companion product - designed and built especially for guiding tractor-pulled implements such as planters, sprayers and cultivators. It ensures that implements always follow precise paths, regardless of curves, hillsides and inattentive driving.

The Outback® eDrive is an automatic steering system that enables users to operate their tractors and other self-propelled equipment hands-free except when turning at row ends.

RHS has purchased more than $36 million of Outback® products from CSI since the line’s introduction in 2000. During that time, the Outback® S has been cited by the American Society of Agriculture Engineers as an example of “outstanding innovation” that saves “producers time, costs and labour, while improving user safety.”

We also manufacture and market a wide range of CSI- and Satloc-branded products for aerial and ground-based agricultural guidance – including mapping, yield monitoring and soil sampling. These products include the AirStar 99.5 , LiteStar, Satloc M3, Cornerpost, and our new GPSteer auto-steering system.

Marine Guidance

For the global marine and "machine control" markets, CSI has the Vector PRO, Vector Sensor and Vector OEM GPS heading sensors that enable users to maintain accurate headings at substantially less than the cost of traditional gyro compasses or competing GPS systems. We also offer the MBX-3s beacon receiver for various marine applications.

Integrated Receivers

An integrated receiver combines a GPS receiver with a second receiver that utilizes accuracy-enhancing Differential correction signals from one or more sources - ground-based beacon stations or Space-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS, plus the subscription-based OmniSTAR system. The Bluetooth enabled PowerMAX is our newest integrated receiver. Other popular models include the DGPS MAX, MiniMAX, Seres or AgI,Q, MBX-3S, SLXg3 and SLXg3 Combo. Our integrated receivers address a wide variety of applications including agricultural guidance, marine guidance, surveying, GIS and Mapping, asset-tracking, stolen vehicle recovery and telematics.