Our Wireless Business Unit - A Snapshot

Our Wireless Business Unit, dating from 1987, operates in Calgary, Alberta, and Milpitas, California. It is capitalizing on the wireless industry’s enormous growth – including in the and Fixed Wireless Telephones, Asset Tracking & Management, and Personal Telematics markets.

CSI's Wireless Products

Fixed Wireless Telephones

We have developed a line of fixed wireless telephones in response to a lack of traditional copper-wire landline infrastructure that is hampering many developing countries, and to developed countries' landline phone networks operating at full capacity.

Our fixed phones provide the signal strength and voice quality of landline phones. They are "fixed" because they connect to standard AC electrical outlets rather than to portable batteries, and "wireless" because they rely on cellular rather than copper-wire landline networks.

We offer fixed wireless telephones featuring analog or digital technology, and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) or GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) technology, to ensure that our potential market is global. More than 600 wirelss carriers and 80 per cent of the world's wireless telephone subscribers rely on TDMA and/or GSM technology.

Our Motorola-branded FX800t TDMA fixed wireless telephone has proven to be very popular in Latin America – generating more than $50 million of sales so far – and has helped pave the way for CSI's GSM versions (including the new “410 Series”) to succeed there and in other parts of the world, including Asia.

Asset Tracking & Management Devices

Businesses that employee large or expensive fleets of rental cars, transport trailers or mobile equipment must often endure inefficiencies and unnecessary costs because they don’t know the location and operating status of their assets at all times. They are also prone to theft.

Our Asset-Link product line offers affordable, highly integrated asset management systems that focus on safety and security applications – including emergency response, location information, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle recovery. The Asset-Link™ 100, Asset-Link™ 200 and fleet-oriented Fleet-Link feature very compact hardware, low costs, and use of Short Message Service (SMS or text message) and/or Microburst®/Cellemetry® Control Channel networks to reach all of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. plus parts of Central and South America. CSI also offers the GSM-capable Asset-Link 400 for global applications.

Customers equipped with Asset-Link™ can:

  • track vehicles’ locations;
  • log and analyze vehicles’ performance data, including temperature trends;
  • remotely perform important security functions including door-locking and ignition controls, plus geo-fencing (containing vehicles inside pre-set geographic areas); and
  • employ potentially life-saving automatic safety features including crash notification, airbag deployment notification, and emergency dispatch.

Our Asset-Link™ customers include AirIQ, whose asset-tracking clients encompass several of the world's largest car rental companies including Budget, Hertz and Thrifty. AirIQ purchases its fleet management hardware from CSI Wireless.

Our Asset-Link™ customers also include Directed Electronics, the world's largest after-market car-alarm and remote-start manufacturer, with sales in 46 countries. Asset-Link™ is the enabling technology for Directed's new line of stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems, available under Directed's popular Clifford, Viper, Python and Automate brands.

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