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Industry Leadership
CSI Wireless plays a leading role in two of the tech sector's fastest-growing industries -- wireless and GPS. We have developed and are marketing a wide range of wireless and GPS products for many applications and many markets. We successfully anticipated the convergence of wireless and GPS technologies, and responded with products such as the Asset-Link™ that are at the forefront of new markets such as asset tracking and telematics.

Diverse Customer Base
We have satisfied customers around the world - from Argentina to Australia, and South Africa to Singapore. Originally a purely GPS company, CSI Wireless' move into the wireless and combined GPS-wireless sectors has enabled us to capitalize on entirely new markets and product applications.

Our primary GPS markets include:

Our primary wireless markets include:

Our primary combined GPS-wireless markets include:

We are well-diversified in our products, customers and markets.

Our Proprietary Technologies
CSI owns a significant portion of the technologies that go into our products -- meaning we are not dependent on licensing that technology from outside parties. This puts us in a strong cost-competitive position. We have an innovative engineering team that has secured several registered patents and has more pending. We have also developed a comprehensive road map for our GPS and Wireless technologies that will ensure we remain at the forefront of our industries and markets. For example, our Wireless technology road map includes not only AMPS (or analog) and digital TDMA standards, but digital CDMA and GSM. We introduced a line of GSM-compatible asset-tracking products in October 2003.

Our Management Team
CSI's senior management team has more than 75 years of combined experience in the GPS and wireless fields, and offers the company and its shareholders a valuable blend of technological and managerial expertise. These men and women have what it takes to maintain and strengthen CSI Wireless' reputation as an industry leader.

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