Asset Management Products

Asset-Link™ 100 (Control Channel) and

Asset-Link200 (Control Channel and AMPS)

Watch a CNN news report about Directed Electronics’ new stolen vehicle recovery system, marketed across North America, which features a customized version of CSI Wireless' Asset-Link 200 product as its core hardware!

Asset-Link™ provides the most cost-effective and feature-rich hardware solution available today for the world’s rapidly growing Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery markets.

The Asset-Link™ 100 features a rugged housing, compact design, a wide operating temperature range, eight inputs and outputs, and proprietary configurable technology for use with the Microburst® Control Channel wireless network throughout North America and parts of Central and South America.

Customers equipped with Asset-Link™ 100 can perform many important asset-tracking and management functions including:

  • tracking vehicles’ locations and speed;
  • monitoring vehicles’ performance including engine temperature, oil and tire pressure, brake wear, plus other factors such as engine running hours;
  • logging and analyzing performance data, including temperature trends;
  • performing important security and stolen vehicle recovery functions such as “geo-fencing” (sending alerts if vehicles venture outside specified geographic boundaries) plus door-lock and ignition controls;
  • employing potentially life-saving automatic safety features including crash-notification, airbag deployment notification and emergency dispatch.

The Asset-Link™ 200 has all the same features and capabilities as the Asset-Link 100, while also offering Circuit Switched analog or Advanced Mobile Phone Services (AMPS) capability. Whereas the Asset-Link™ 100 and its low-cost Control Channel capability are ideal for customers needing to communicate only “exceptions,” or small pieces of infrequent data, the Asset-Link™ 200, by combining Control Channel and Circuit Switched analog capabilities, represents an ideal solution for customers requiring more flexibility.

They can use Control Channel for basic control and position-reporting services, while using Circuit Switched analog to transfer files of vehicle history data, and to perform over-the-air maintenance to in-vehicle hardware, without the time and expense of returning the vehicle to the shop or sending maintenance staff into the field.

CSI Wireless also offers a GSM-compatible version, called the Asset-Link 400.

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