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Asset-Link™ 400 GSM

As the world’s first product line to integrate GSM and AMPS, the feature-rich and affordable Asset-Link™ 400 series establishes a new standard for GSM/GPS asset-tracking and telematics products.

The Asset-Link 400 was designed for use in the more than 170 countries where GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the standard wireless service.

As a multi-band device, available in several versions (with and without GPRS and AMPS), the Asset-Link 400 offers global reach, maximum local coverage and extreme flexibility. The product lines includes the:

  • Asset-Link 401-00 (900/1800MHz) GSM for Europe and Asia
  • Asset-Link 401-10 (900/1800MHz) GSM/GPRS Class 10 402-10 (850/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS for the Americas
  • Asset-Link 412-10 (850/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS/AMPS/MicroBurst™

With a rugged housing, compact design, a wide operating temperature range, multiple inputs and outputs, and more, the Asset-Link 400 is a high-performance unit ideally suited for the demands of the mobile environment.

Features include:

  • Class 10 capable, built-in TCP/IP stack offering GPRS capability without the need for an external computing device
  • Integrated low-power GPS with embedded telematics applications
  • 8 programmable digital I/Os with full isolation, 2 relay drivers, 4 10-bit analog inputs and 2 serial ports
  • Meeting rugged U.S. military and SAE J1455 (Heavy Truck) specifications for shock, vibration and humidity
  • Operating temperature range of -30C to +70C (-22F to +158F)
  • RS232 serial and (future) USB or CAN bus support
  • PTCRB, CE, FCC, Industry Canada , and eMark certified
  • Voltage range of 7 to 36 Vdc, for use with 12-volt and 24-volt automotive and trucking applications
  • Efficient power management allows for 45uA in sleep mode, 55mA in standby and 130mA in full on 

Highly customizable and easily configurable, the Asset-Link 400 enables customers to perform many important asset-tracking and management functions including:

  • Tracking vehicles' locations and speed
  • Monitoring vehicles' performance including engine temperature, oil and tire pressure, brake wear, plus other factors such as engine running hours
  • Logging and analyzing performance data, including temperature trends
  • Performing important security and stolen vehicle recovery functions such as "geo-fencing" (sending alerts if vehicles venture outside specified geographic boundaries), door-lock and ignition control
  • Employing potentially life-saving automatic safety features including crash-notification, airbag deployment notification and emergency dispatch.

Asset-Link™ 400 -- the affordable, worldwide solution to remote asset monitoring and fleet management

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