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Simplify and improve driving by automatically steering the vehicle along straight or curved passes. Growers and custom applicators working in broad-acre applications will quickly realize cost savings and reductions in workload.

GPSteer includes:

  • GPSteer valve block
  • GPSteer CPU
  • LiteStar II controller (optional -if you already have LiteStar II system, you don't need the controller) & GPSteer software
  • Receiver and receiver antenna (optional, if you already have one)

How It Works
GPSteer is a small customized valve block that fits nearly all hydraulically steered vehicles - this mechanism automatically steers your vehicle according to GPS data it receives from the controller.

With safety and user-control top-of-mind, GPSteer allows you to manually steer the vehicle even while GPSteer is engaged and the system automatically disengages GPSteer hydraulics when power is off or in case of system failure. Finally, GPSteer has pressure override checks to prevent pressure rises in steering lines.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation -GPSteer can be quickly and easily installed by interfacing our customized valve block into existing steering lines. This block is compatible with nearly all farm vehicles and is automatically calibrated and adjusted upon connection.
  • Reduce operator workload - finish your job in optimum time and reduce driver fatigue with automatic steering.
  • Remain confident in safety features - safety features that provide visible and audible warnings in addition to disengaging the automated steering system when necessary. Operates in speeds ranging from 1 - 20 mph.
  • Improve driving accuracy - automatically drive the vehicle in straight, consistent passes that minimize skips and overlaps, maximizes the field's productive area, lowers input costs, and reduces the time in the field.
  • Compatible with LiteStar II controller and any of our receivers - GPSteer software operates out of the LiteStar II controller, providing the GPS data to GPSteer. The LiteStar II software also features data logging, area computation, antenna offset compensation, and more.
  • Compatible with most tractors and self-propelled sprayers

Visit our Satloc product center for more detailed product information - brochures, technical support, and purchasing information are available here.

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