Precision Guidance Products

    AirStar 99.5 - The Satloc AirStar 99.5 is a parallel-swathing guidance system, featuring a lower-cost text display, for aerial applicators.

    CornerPost - CornerPost is a single-frequency RTK GPS product that achieves one-centimeter accuracy by employing two GPS receivers.

    Flow Control - The Satloc AerialACE flow control system features variable rate and constant rate flow control. Itl is a set-and-forget aerial precision guidance product that enables applicators to safely focus their attention on maneuvers outside the cockpit, while achieving flow variation rates of less than two per cent.

    LiteStar II (Air) - The Satloc LiteStar II Air is a low-cost option for aircraft guidance that features an intuitive, graphic controller with automatic start-up help. LiteStar II allows you to cover all types of field shapes using built-in patterns and log important spray data.

    LiteStar II - The Satloc LiteStar improves farming efficiency by improving operators' ability to drive precise swaths in either parallel or contour mode.

    GPSteer - Simplify and improve driving by automatically steering the vehicle along straight or curved passes. Growers and custom applicators working in broad-acre applications will quickly realize cost savings and reductions in workload.

    Satloc M3 - The Satloc M3 is a parallel-swathing guidance system, featuring a graphic display, for aerial applicators. Complete, state-of-the art guidance system. Includes our SLXg3 receiver, Lightbar, and graphic display screen along with either AirTrac or AirStar guidance software.


    SwathStar M3 - The Satloc SwathStar M3 is the premier ground guidance system that improves farming efficiency for custom applicators by improving their ability to drive precisely while making proper field applications.

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