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410 Series (GSM-GPRS)

CSI's 410 Series of GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) fixed wireless telephones have GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology for voice, Internet, email and text-messaging transmissions. They provide dual-band support (either 850/1900 MHz in the Americas or 900/1800 MHz in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East), and feature a leading product feature set, with customized models that reflect the languages and frequencies of specific countries and regions.

401 Series phones also feature hands-free operation, three-digit PIN security to allow/block outgoing calls, memory capacity for 250 phone numbers, speed dial, auto re-dial, one-touch emergency dialing, a large back-lit display, 30 minutes of talk-time emergency back-up power, and attractive styling.

The phones are easy to activate, and installation involves simply plugging theminto the nearest AC outlet. While they are primarily designed for developing countries, the phones are also ideal for developed countries -- in homes, offices, RVs, motor homes, dorms, vacation homes, lodges, resorts, or anywhere else that people go.

Fixed wireless telephones are "fixed" in that they plug into standard AC electrical power outlets, and resemble standard wall-mounted or desktop phones. They are wireless in that they do not connect to conventional landline telephone systems, communicating instead over cellular networks. Fixed wireless phones are ideal, cost-effective alternatives for the many areas of the world where landline telephone infrastructures do not exist, are unreliable or unaffordable.

Fixed wireless telephones represent a low-cost route for millions of consumers, in regions where traditional copper-wire landline telephone service is not available, to obtain wireless phone service with much broader signal range and better voice quality than what they can obtain from portable, battery-powered handsets

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