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CSI Wireless is a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-tech products that fall into three categories:

Our head offices are in Calgary, Alberta , and we have other offices in Milpitas, California , and Scottsdale, Arizona . Founded in 1990, CSI has customers in almost 50 countries. Our shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CSY, and our business has two major components:

1) Wireless Business Unit (Calgary and Milpitas)

This unit designs and manufactures a growing list of wireless products, and combined wireless-GPS products, that are strategically targeted at high-growth markets such as:

  • Fixed Wireless Telephones enabling developing countries to offer phone service without the cost of installing traditional land-based copper-line infrastructures.
  • Asset Tracking and Management enabling, for example, a trucking company to track its trucks at all times, to monitor their fuel consumption, engine temperature, etc., and determine if they deviate from prescribed routes (which they might if stolen).
  • Telematics featuring many automotive applications, including controlling vehicle door locks, ignition systems and other security features. Our products can monitor airbags so if a vehicle is in a collision and airbags deploy, an emergency alert and location coordinates are sent to local health authorities. And our products can enable a business executive to remain linked to email and to corporate Intranet while in his or her car.


2) GPS Business Unit (Calgary and Scottsdale)

This unit designs and manufactures a growing list of products primarily receivers , receiver OEM modules and antennas that use the Global Positioning System (GPS) for positioning and navigation purposes. These products are strategically targeted at high-growth markets such as:


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