Success Stories

When you export to more than 40 countries worldwide, as we do at CSI Wireless, there are bound to be some especially interesting and rewarding ways in which people use your products and technology to achieve success. We’ve highlighted some of them here. If you know of more, please email us the details at [email protected].


  • CSI's Asset-Link tracking products helped Texas Police recover more than US$2.7 million of stolen trucks, trailers and merchandise.
  • CSI’s fixed wireless telephones played a crucial communications role during recent forest fires in California.

  • CSI’s Vector Sensor heading system helped NBC News broadcast especially clear images from the war in Iraq.

  • CSI’s space-age Satloc M3 GPS products are playing a key role in helping to eradicate a centuries-old African scourge - deadly “Sleeping Sickness.”

  • CSI’s fixed wireless telephones are improving lives in Mexico.

  • CSI’s aerial swathing technology was essential to one of the largest vegetation restoration projects in U.S. history, following massive forest fires in Arizona and Colorado.

  • CSI Wireless’ Asset-Link products are tracking assets for a growing number of trucking companies, car rental companies, construction companies and individual consumers - including a man whose $45,000 vehicle was recovered only 20 minutes after it was stolen from a Rolling Stones concert.








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